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New Gupta Kirana Store - Kamlakant Gupta

“TRU has less paperwork, furthermore, staff visits your place and guide you through the entire process and the amount is credited to your bank account with minimum documentation.”

Kamlakant’s Business: 

New Gupta Kirana Store has been running for 20 years. Kamlakant wished to take the business ahead by opening one more branch. So, he followed his wish. Now, things became difficult for them, and they could not meet up the requirements of the customers. Kamlakant needed access to capital, to cope up with growing demands of the consumers.

TRU Lending Head-Heart-Hand: 

Kamlakant had already been in search of a loan, but he found TRU to be more prominent for his business. Apart from business growth, he has also been able to have personal growth. He sent both the daughters to a better school and got one vehicle for himself.