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Hari Om Garments- Jagdish M. Roy

“TRU has empowered me and given me self-confidence by providing a loan to such a small business-like Hari Om Garments.”

Jagdish’s Business: 

Jagdish came to Mumbai and was seeking a job. He converted his life path from a compulsion to a passion for having his own business. In the beginning, he took a small loan and bought four sewing machines for his company named Hari Om Garments. Eventually, his work picked up and he had to hire two more men. Now, Jagdish began to look for more working capital for his business so that he could expand.

TRU Lending Head-Heart-Hand: 

TRU’s unbiased funding proved to be beneficial for Jagdish. He said he looked for a loan but was in a dilemma if anyone would lend to a small business like his. But to his astonishment, TRU never refused to lend him a loan even if he was operating from a rented premise. Now, he has more than twenty machines, hired more workforce, and transformed his rented place into a permanent setup.