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SMS Mat House – Munshi Kamlesh Vishwa Verma

 “Trucap Finance enabled me to expand, allowing my business to flourish and creating opportunities for many more.”

Kamlesh’s Business: 

Kamlesh Vishwa Verma manages a plastic mat manufacturing business in Mumbai, driven by a commitment to expand and innovate beyond his father’s legacy. Seeking to diversify his product line, he aims to broaden market reach and reduce dependency on plastic mats alone.
With this vision he faced challenges in meeting increased demand and managing diverse orders after expanding his business online. To sustain growth and expand further, he required additional working capital.

TRU Lending Head-Heart-Hand: 

Kamlesh sought financial support from Trucap Finance to address these challenges. The confidence and backing from Trucap enabled him to pursue his expansion plans effectively. With Trucap’s funding, Kamlesh boosted his business turnover by 25% and expanded his workforce. This enabled better management of operations and improved customer service.